Zori® lollypops Vitamin C



Supports the immune system.

New innovative product to
help in proper functioning of
the immune system are Zori

Lollipops Zori Vitamin C contain vitamin
C, which contributes to the functioning of
the immune system and to the reduction
of tiredness and fatigue.
They also contain marshmallow root
extract contributing to antibacterial
activity and sage leaf extract having
a soothing effect on a dry and ticklish

Sage also contributes to the natural
defences of the body and has
a soothing effect on the throat, pharynx
and vocal cords.


Active ingredients in 1 lollipop: marshmallow root
extract (Althaeae officinalis) 60 mg, sage leaf
extract (Salvia officinalis) 30 mg, vitamin C 12,5 mg.
Packaging: 3 raspberry flavored lollipops


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