Zori® lollipops Vitamin C



Supports the immune system.

New innovative product to
help in proper functioning of
the immune system are Zori®

Zori® Vitamin C lollipops contain
vitamin C, which plays a role in normal
functioning of the immune and the
nervous system, contributes to the
normal psychological functioning
and to the reduction of tiredness and
fatigue. Vitamin C also participates in
the formation of collagen for the normal
function of cartilage, bones, teeth, blood
vessels, gums and skin, it contributes
to the protection of cells from oxidative
stress and to the normal energy-yielding


Active ingredients in 1 lollipop: multiflorous honey
100 mg, lemon juice 60 mg, raspberry juice 60
mg, vitamin C 12,5 mg, rutoside 4 mg.
Packaging: 90 orange flavored lollipops.


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