OlivaFix® 24h Denture adhesive cream the 1st healthy, revolutionary Denture Fixative Cream that contains NO Zinc and NO Vaseline.



bonyf AG are proud and excited to introduce their latest unique and innovative product on the market, “Olivafix”. This is a denture fixative cream like no other. What is so special about this product? It’s simple. It is the first denture fixative cream on the market that contains NO Zinc and NO Petrolatum (more commonly referred to as “Vaseline”). The Zinc and Petrolatum have been replaced by almost 35% Olive Oil. Combining this with a strong, long lasting hold for up 24 hours and more, and the fact that Olivafix contains no added preservatives proves that Olivafix is the name for the future for Denture Fixative Creams.

Olivafix leaves a silky feeling in the mouth. It has been clinically tested by consumers with 100% satisfaction and is compatible with all types of dentures. Olive Oil is known for its Anti-bacterial and Anti-Candida properties, making it the ideal choice for consumers today who are conscious of a healthy approach to living.

  • NO Zinc (which can be toxic if used in excessive quantities on a daily basis)
  • NO Vaseline
  • NO Mineral Oil
  • NO colorants
  • NO preservatives
  • NO pasty feeling
  • 35% Olive Oil

Here you find only a short overview of this revolutionary new product. If you want to learn more about the health benefits of this great and worldwide unique product, please go to our special OlivaFix Webpage and find out more detailed informations.

Product Classification:

Medical Device Class I

Download OlivaFix® 24h Denture adhesive cream Instructions for use PDF